April 11, 2019

Twirling In Time helps Honda accelerator innovate

According to the data released by the auto industry, the auto market was bleak last year, and the auto industry faced severe challenges. Even in the traditional peak season, the overall market still experienced a significant decline compared with the previous year.

The overall cooling of the automobile industry just confirms the old saying that Rome was not built in a day. For a long time, the traditional cars lacked the willingness to innovate. In recent years, the cars had no essential improvement and lost a lot of market share in the face of the impact of new Internet companies. Nowadays, the requirements for cars are no longer limited to the basic experience of four wheels and a steering wheel, and the recreational experience of cars has attracted more attention.

In this context, after Twirling In Time won the Audi award, it put forward an innovative in-car audio solution to upgrade the immersive audio experience in a cost-effective way. More personalized audio services will be provided in the car based on voice verification technologies.

On April 11, 2019, the first Honda Digtal Day was held In Beijing. Twirling In Time was invited to participate In and set up a booth, displaying the blueprint of intelligent voice interaction application in smart cars, and explore the new trend of future car interaction development.

(Co-founder Liu En on stage to introduce Twirling In Time’s in-car audio interaction solution)

Twirling In Time booth attracted a large crowd and the demonstrations were well received by everyone. Hideo Kawasaka, deputy general manager of Honda China, awarded Twirling In Time a certificate of recognition, affirming Twirling In Time's innovation and breakthrough in the field of car entertainment and intelligence.

Beijing Twirling In Time Co.Ltd. is a leading artificial intelligence technology innovation company for intelligent audio signal acquisition, analysis and processing and audio playback. With years of experiences in audio core technology and algorithms, the company provides mature, stable and reliable solutions for edge computing and IoT applications.

Twirling In Time mainly provides MCU-based sound classification and voice pattern recognition technology, realistic sound field technology, audio capture and rendering algorithms. Collaborating with Microsoft, ARM, MTK, Qualcomm, Alibaba, Baidu, China construction bank, Skyworth, the company has won the high-tech enterprises, "2018 Audi Innovation Lab Competition" car interaction system champion, Microsoft accelerator innovation enterprises and other honorary titles.

About Twirling Technologies

Twirling Technologies (Twirling In Time) is a pioneer in speech and audio processing. At Twirling, we develop hardware and software to enable intelligent voice interaction interface, immersive audio creation and distribution. By leveraging our deep understanding in AI, signal processing, and audio, we build products and solutions with a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, education, security, VR/AR, and many other areas.. Further information about Twirling can be found at yun-en.twirlingvr.com.

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