April 20, 2018
Twirling Immersive Audio Technology on Baofeng Mojing

VR is meant to create an alternate reality with life-like accuracy, but without the right audio cues to match the visuals, the effect isn’t convincing and your experience is compromised. Surround sound is history. It may have been considered cutting-edge decades ago, built around a 360-degree sphere, so-called immersive or spatial audio technology is state-of-the-art. Twirling presents an immersive audio technology solution for enhancing the audio on the innovative Baofeng Mojing VR platform. The combination of Twirling and Baofeng Mojing delivers a truly authentic audio experience for virtual reality. Twirling renders stereo, surround and immersive sound over headphones incorporating head movements. Without it, the headphone-based audio cannot accurately render sound sources that originate from various locations of the subjects, leaving your experience limited to the horizontal plane. Thus, videos in the Baofeng Mojing VR platform will immerse users and transport them in different virtual environments with perfectly matching audio properties for the success of the illusion.

Now you can create convincing, realistic worlds of sound to match those impressive VR and 360° video landscapes.

About Baofeng Mojing

Baofeng's Mojing line of virtual reality headsets are best sellers in China, that's to be expected as Baofeng is the largest of more than 100 different virtual reality headset manufacturers. Baofeng makes about half a dozen variations of VR headsets available.

About Twirling Technologies

Twirling Technologies (Twirling In Time) is a pioneer in speech and audio processing. At Twirling, we develop hardware and software to enable intelligent voice interaction interface, immersive audio creation and distribution. By leveraging our deep understanding in AI, signal processing, and audio, we build products and solutions with a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, education, security, VR/AR, and many other areas.. Further information about Twirling can be found at yun-en.twirlingvr.com.

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