Insta360 and TwirlingVR join forces to create the next generation of immersive experience

China/Beijing, 20 October 2017

Recently, TwirlingVR released Twirling720 Lite which is a panoramic sound recording machine, once it links to the smart phone can record the panoramic sound with one click. As such a easy way to using and panoramic features can not help to make people associate with Insta360’s two 360 ° panoramic VR live camera Insta360 Nano and Insta360 Air. That is why we expect for the cooperation of this two companies. With all kinds of overlapping properties and market expectations, finally, the world's leading panoramic camera brand Insta360 will be in its professional version of the panoramic camera Insta360 Pro products using TwirlingVR’s panoramic sound acquisition, playback programs and space audio microphone signal processing technology. The cooperation between the two companies officially begin. Insta360 Pro which is a new generation of panoramic cameras will be able to achieve panoramic audio and video capture, the true sense of the combination of sound and picture.

The collection of immersive sound has played a crucial role in post-production and playback. As an early participant in this direction, TwirlingVR is focused on the core technology through the collection, processing and playback of audio signals. Now, the company has a complete panoramic audio sound full range of products and patented technology which are at home and abroad in the leading level.

Three-dimensional audio capture and playback: This is a set of scalability, portability, flexibility, application of a wide range of audio acquisition program (microphone array + software algorithm support),supporting multiple microphone array shapes and integrates the algorithm into the chip to meet the need for sound capture. TwirlingVR unique space audio processing technology can make the four omnidirectional microphone on the plane to pick up the audio signal real-time conversion to FOA (First Order Ambisonics) format audio, retain the audio scene of the real auditory effect, and further use the Insta360 shooting Of the panoramic video which consumers can feel the different direction of the sound changes through draging or rotating, uploading to YouTube, Facebook and other major mainstream platform where consumers can drag or rotate, feel the different direction of the sound changes.

The panorama content generated by the acquisition device, needs to be parsed and played by the corresponding rendering engine which will provide a high standard 3D panorama solution, using a unique panoramic sound field simulation algorithm. The algorithm can accurately restored the environment sound and complex multi-dimensional sound source accurately in three-dimensional space. The position, direction, distance, and trajectory of the sound source can be clearly and accurately perceived by the headset. Unique sound field space transformation algorithm to ensure that multi-source complex scene can be highly efficient and accurate presentation.

“Insta360 is the world's leading panoramic camera brand, focused on panoramic image technology research and development, attentioned and coveraged by the domestic and international science, technology media. At present, Insta360 products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and get the trust and support of Facebook, Twitter, Google and other international well-known enterprises, working together to promote panoramic images and panoramic broadcast of the popularity and education. Insta360 Pro is the face of VR professional production of 8K professional 3D VR panoramic camera, won the 2017 Japan Design Award, Good Design Award at the same level as the German red dot award, "iF Award", the United States "IDEA Award" famous international design award. The Insta360 Pro has been widely used in tourism, gatherings, news, live, events, weddings, large-scale activities and other fields and accumulated a large number of reference industry cases and solutions. The cooperation with TwirlingVR provide a new set of panoramic sound solution, so that users have a better experience, and promote the popularity of panoramic images and applications.” says Serena, the senior public relations manager of Insta360.

"We are pleased to be working with Insta360, using TwirlingVR’s technology of space audio microphone, greatly enhancing its immersive VR content effect,” said Liu En, CMO of TwirlingVR. “This is also the first time the domestic camera brand supports panoramic view, opening a new chapter in immersive audio. We believe that there will be more and more products embedded in the future panorama collection. The future of the sound must be immersion. Through the continuous innovation, TwirlingVR uses leading audio technology to enhance the user experience for the partners to bring long-term value, for which we are deeply honored.”

About Insta360

Founded in 2014, Insta360 is the world leader in 360-degree cameras. Insta360 cameras empower people to freely share experiences – full, immersive, lived experiences – no matter the time or place. Based in Shenzhen and immersed in the city’s incomparable hardware ecosystem, Insta360 prides itself on creating groundbreaking products that push the envelope of both performance and accessibility. With an Insta360 camera, users can take 360-degree photos and videos in high definition, and live-stream their experiences directly onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. When viewed in a VR headset, Insta360 experiences can transport people into places and moments they’ve never before imagined.

About TwirlingVR

Twirling Technologies (Twirling In Time) is a pioneer in speech and audio processing. At Twirling, we develop hardware and software to enable intelligent voice interaction interface, immersive audio creation and distribution. By leveraging our deep understanding in AI, signal processing, and audio, we build products and solutions with a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, education, security, VR/AR, and many other areas.. Further information about Twirling can be found at